Monday, October 13, 2008

My Travel in Yangshuo

Last summer, to celebrate my graduating from university, I had a travel to Yangshuo with some friends. It’s really a beautiful and attractive place. I would like to share my experience here.

First, a brief introduction of Yangshuo. Yangshuo is located in Guangxi province, china. It’s one of the most famous tourist destinations of China. You may have heard ,’East or west, Guilin landscape is the best’. then there is another saying you should know. Yangshuo is the most beautiful scenery of Guilin. Tt’s a place that provides the opportunity to escape the city life .People around the world come here to enjoy breath-taking natural scenes and have a good relax.

The best time to visit Yangshuo will be from April to October when it is relatively warm and pleasant and the scenery is more lush and beautiful. If you want to get an overview of Yangshuo, four days will be enough. But it’s not a boring place, even you spend a year here.

The attractions should not be missed

West Street (Xi Jie)

There are just several streets in Yangshuo and the most famous must be West Street (Xi Jie). It’s also called the 'Global Village', because it attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. You can see all kinds of colors here. There are bars, stores, cafes and restaurants along West Street. The interesting thing is that these bars, stores, cafes and restaurants are not only managed by local people, but also many foreigners. So you can notice that the names of them are written by English and you may feel a strong exotic flavor by staying on the street.

At night, West Street is very lively and colorful. There are light, music, chatting, singing, dancing, drinking around here. Big smile appears on everyone’s face. Sitting in a bar, chatting with closed or strange friends, tasting delicious food, What can be more better than enjoying life before amazing natural scenes? Therefore, Yangshuo is also praised as the 'Paradise of Petty Bourgeois' in China.

Li River
If you have enough time, it will be memorable experience to have a hike along Li River. The pure water, ancient bridges, mysterious local villages, green hills of various sizes, all of these are impressived. Last time I had seen a foreigner reading books lonely beside a bridge, and I was so moved at that moment. Besides hiking, I suggest to take a bamboo raft visit during the part of Yulong River, the so called Little Li River, is also the perfect way to relax.

Along Li River, there are many spectacular scenic places. Sanjie Liu Above-water Park, where the film 'Sanjie Liu' was made, provides you the opportunity to enjoy the famous performance 'Impression on Sanjie Liu'. Sanjie Liu was a famous person in China that represent good singing and brightness. The scene that Chinese government used as 20RMB’s background, Some people take photos with a 20RMB in hand before the scene. Another famous scene is named Nine Horse Hill which has interesting legends. People believe that more horses you see, the wealther you are. It’s said that Mao Zedong had seen nine, Zhou Enlai had seen six.

Apart from the scenes mentioned above, there are also other special places worth visiting. For instance, Xingping, which is the oldest town of Yangshuo. In Xingping, a village calledFishing Village is very famous. In 1998, Bill Clinton had visited here.

Moon Hill
You can have a bicycle ride from Yangshuo to Moon Hill. There are many bikes for rent in Yangshuo and they are all very cheap. Moon Hill is a romantic place where you can see the wax and wane of the moon from different angles (refers to a moon-like hole on the top of the Moon Hill). The hole can be used for rock climbing, Some rock climbing lovers come here for enjoying the exciting sport..

Butterfly Spring Park
Thousands of kinds of butterflies live in the Butterfly Spring Park, where butterflies flying and dancing between flower shrubs. It’s a magnificent place for the butterfly enthusiasts, the biggest park of butterfly in China. The park also provides the opportunity to rock climbing, The Second Rock Climbing Competition of China was hold here.

There are also many traditional and unique dishes in Yangshuo, for example, Beer Fish (Pijiu Yu), Liangfen, Lipu Kourou, Niang Dishes. If you are not interested in these local food, you can also choose Western Food Restaurants. So once you get Yangshuo, I believe you will love this place and have a good travel.

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