Tuesday, February 3, 2009

London debut for treasures from Shanghai, with spectacular collections shown in Europe for the first time

While international communication becomes more and more common, it’s not surprised to see lots of interesting things from other places in one’s own country. Now, if you’re a lover of Chinese culture, and if you live in London, here I have a good news for you!!

After holding the exhibition "First Emperor: China's Terracotta Army" in 2007, British Museum made another collaboration with China recently. The Museum has celebrated the launch of “Shanghai Week” in London with the opening of "Treasures from Shanghai," a spectacular collection of 60 ancient Chinese jade and bronze masterpieces on show in Europe for the first time.

Shanghai Week lasts from 29 January to 7 February 2009. It includes many events, showcasing the heritage and culture of China's largest city as it prepares for the World Expo. The collections on show are from Shanghai Museum, which houses one of the world's greatest collections of Chinese art. Certainly capture everyone’s sight.

Chen Kelun, deputy director general of the Shanghai Museum, said the exhibition would provide "insights into the time-honored urban civilization and etiquette of China" and identify themselves with the theme of the World Expo to be held in Shanghai next year.

"This exhibition brings to London pieces of superlative quality rarely seen outside China itself," said the exhibition's guest curator Jessica Rawson. "The Neolithic jades on display are astonishing, particularly those that feature fine designs of strange human-like figures, birds and monsters with large teeth."

More info:

Shanghai Week is designed to commemorate the increasingly close relationship between Britain and China, and showcase the heritage and culture of Shanghai as it prepares for the World Expo. (World Expositions are platforms for exchanging innovative ideas and reviewing progress. They are also important for showcasing industrial, scientific and technological achievements. The first World Exposition was held in London in 1851 under the title Great Exhibition of Industries of All Nations.)

Other highlights include a seminar at the Victoria and Albert Museum entitled "From London to Shanghai: Inheritance and innovation - wisdom in urban development" and a photographic exhibition at City Hall - "Shanghai and Shanghai Exposition."

Meanwhile, Sarah Brightman, who sang at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, has been named Shanghai 2010 World Expo Promotion Ambassador in Britain.

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thank you for this news. Love it.

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Treasure from shanghai that so nice...! I wish I can see that show but I leave in Indonesia

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The Chinese culture is so rich and varied I think it should be represented globally so that people come to know about this great culture