Tuesday, January 27, 2009

China to subsidize use of energy-efficient vehicles/cars in public sector

In the past, the Chinese tend to use high –emission cars with high performance. But as people begin to be more concerned about the environment and the development of automobile industry, energy-efficient cars get attention too. Recently, China has adjust fuel oil tax to encourage the use of energy-efficient vehicles/cars. After that, a new program is also coming. According to the report of Xinhua Net, China is to promote the use of energy-efficient and new-energy vehicles in public sector in 13 cities.

According to a joint statement by the MOF (the Ministry of Finance) and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the central government will offer one-off subsidy for the purchase of mixed-power, electric and fuel-cell vehicles.

The statement said the subsidy will be decided by the gap between the prices of energy-efficient vehicles and automobiles powered by traditional fuel.

Aimed at facilitating the technology upgrading and structural optimization of the automobile industry, the program will be put into trial in public transport, taxi industry, postal and urban sanitary services in 13 cities including Beijing and Shanghai.

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