Wednesday, January 28, 2009

China's 1st limousine theme hotel opens in Shenzhen

OCT East, a popular tourist resort in Yantian District of Shenzhen, opened the first limousine theme hotel in China on Jan 1. At the same time it also opened a third theme park called Knight Valley.

The theme hotel, the outer walls of which are made of steel, resembles a limousine in shape and offers 159 well-designed rooms. There are also two real white limousines in front of the hotel, which are fully equipped with TV sets, kitchens, bars, beds and bathrooms.

The two limousines were manufactured in Germany with environmentally friendly aeronautic materials. There are four beds in each limousine for up to nine people, particularly suitable for two families, said Han Lu, a hotel employee.

Knight Valley overlooks the golden coastline of Eastern Shenzhen. In the valley, there are a Kwuan-yin statue on a lotus throne, Red Wine Town, forests, sunlight, open land and rivers. A number of entertainment facilities will open to the public during the Spring Festival that falls on Jan. 25.

The other two theme parks in OCT East include Tea Stream Valley and Wind Valley, which together with Knight Valley provide people an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the boomtown.
More info about OCT East

OCT East resort, a 3.5-billon-yuan investment supported by OCT group, is located at DaMeiSha, Shenzhen. Occupying about 9 square kilometers, OCT East, the national ecological resort featuring tourism culture, aims at providing visitors with an opportunity to escape from the bustle of city life and return to the nature.

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