Thursday, February 5, 2009

What will Bird's Nest be after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Bird's Nest, also called National Stadium, played an important role in Beijing Olympic Games. The Opening and Closing ceremonies held here, its creative design, majestic appearance and the torch lighting impressed people around the world. Now the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was over, can you guess what will this spacious Bird's Nest be used for? Still holding sports games?

In fact, the utilization of Bird's Nest will be diverse, such as sports games, tourism, entertainment and shopping. Citic Group said in Beijing that within three to five years it will convert the National Stadium into an entertainment and shopping center, while seeking to hold more sports games and cultural performances.

In addition, an individual company was established by Citic Group, Beijing Urban Construction Group and Golden State Holding Group Corporation, which is to focus on the operation of the Bird's Nest business. According to the company, maintenance of the 250,000-square-meter National Stadium will annually cost 60 million yuan (US$8.82 million), making it particularly hard to make a profit.

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zer0sIx said...

wow! this is really fantastic! another great wonders of china :)

Arnaud said...

Hi, thank you for your comment.
Yes, i'm always having a good time in China because I love travelling, and also because I'm in love with a chinese woman and we plan to marry next year. :-)

iWalk said...

I love Bird's Nest, And it's chinese consultant of design AiWeiWei!

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