Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009 Toy Fair held in London

I believe that most of us have some favorite toys when we were a child, that maybe a doll, a toy car etc. Toys are certainly good fellows of children. From 28th to 31st January, 2009 Toy Fair runs at the ExCel exhibition center in London, where is a toy lovers playground. Over the three days, thousands of toys, games and hobbies will be showcased to more than nine thousand industry professionals.

From classic toys to the very latest fad there is something to suit every child and lots of adults too. And this year's most wanted toy is almost certainly going to be robotic, the cuddlier the better.

The fair is now in its 56th year. It gives manufacturers a chance to showcase the latest toys before they hit the stores. It’s said that the toy industry is worth four billion US dollars in the UK.

The market weathered a 2 percent fall in 2008, but Natasha Crookes of the British Toy and Hobby Association says the volume of sales actually increased by 7 percent and by 12 percent over the Christmas season. Fighting the economic downturn is child's play for toy giant, Lego. Despite an overall decline in the industry, the Danish toymaker celebrated a growth of over 50% in 2008. Taking part in the Toy Fair, Lego unveiled the second generation of Mindstorm models - a toy with robotic microchips built into the Lego bricks. The chips enable users to program a working robot as well as build a model.

The US based company Bossa Nova released its first robot-Prime8. The robot can be angry or happy and acts as a room guard by launching coconuts at intruders.

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very nice blog. good illustrations of the toy fair . You should be proud , since you are representing your country very well.

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