Saturday, December 6, 2008

Series of Mountain (6): Travel to Hengshan (Shanxi)

This Hengshan is not that one we talked about in the previous article. It’s located in Hunyuan County of Shanxi Province in northern China, named as the Northern Mountain of the Five Sacred Mountains. Differing from that of the other four mountains, the Great Wall winds up Hengshan, forming many ancient strategic passes; thus, passes, ancient castles and beacon towers constitute a unique landscape.

On Hengshan, you can see some unique and funny sight that you won’t have in other places. That’s temples on the cliff, which constructed on the cliffs or caved in just like castles in the air, adding to steepness and grandiosity. A must see temple is Xuankong Temple, built 1,400 years ago, hosts worship for the Taoists, Confucians and Buddhists. The temple is hung on the middle of the cliff and is still in perfect conditions after so many years.

Isn’t that a masterpiece of human beings? Besides the Xuankong Temple, many other attractions like Yuanjue Brick Pagoda and Yongan Temple, all occupy important positions in the development of China’s ancient architecture. Other places, Zhaodian Hall, Jiutian (Nine Heavens) Palace, Huixian (Celestial-Meeting) Mansion and Flying Stone Cave, etc also worthing a visit.

Standing high in the mountain, with the clouds floating under your feet and the wind in the pine trees resounding above your head, the mountain peaks occasionally appearing and disappearing in the clouds, one will be reluctant to leave. On the sides of some cliffs are full of stone inscriptions eulogizing the beauty of Hengshan by celebrities in history.

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