Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tibetan cities: Nyingchi

Nyingchi is my favorite city in Tibet! I sincerely ask you never miss it while traveling to Tibet. With snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear rivers, attractive valley, beautiful lake, splendid waterfall, majestic mountains, thick forest as well as the ancient Buddhist temples, Nyingchi looks just like heaven on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Trust me, there is no reason miss such a place full of charm!

Nyingchi, "throne of the sun" in Tibetan, is located in southeast Tibet. Encircled by Himalaya, Nyenchhen Tanglha Mountains and the Hengduan mountains, situated at the lower reaches of Yarlung Tsangpo River, such a unique geographical location contributes to its various tourist resources.

Now start the trip to get relaxation physically and psychologically. With many to do and see, first, have a visit to Yarlung Tsangpo River. Being called 'Heaven River', it is the mother river of the Tibetan people who have created the brilliant Tibetan culture. Originating from a glacier on the northern Himalayas, it’s the highest river on the earth with an average altitude of 4,000 meters (13,120 feet). With a length of over 1,278 miles, it is the fifth longest river of China. The Yarlung Tsangpo River has many branches and it has the second largest natural hydropower capacity of rivers in China. Lying at the lower reaches of the river, the Yarlung Tsangpo River Valley is the deepest and the longest valley in the world, a nice place for visitors to see the wonder of nature.

The beauty of Nyingchi also lies in the lakes. The most well-known lake is the Baksum Tso Lake. When one stands on the shoreline of this majestic lake, the thoughts of the inspiring Swiss Alps come to mind. Fish are shoaling in the water, birds are circling in the air and beasts are roaming in the nearby forest. Animals are living a comfortable and easy life in Basum. Admiring the reflection of the snow mountain in the water is quite fantastic. In 1997, the lake was listed by World Tourism Organization as a world tourist site. A little smaller than the Baksum Tso Lake, the Yigong Lake has a lower elevation and is reputed for its well-preserved ecology.

Also, the splendid waterfalls here deserve a visit. You may have ever heard of the Tiger's Mouth Waterfall. It is named by its earthshaking noise when the water falls, just like a tiger is roaring. It is said that the most beautiful scenery is at the sunset when the rainbow can be seen. The Hanmi Waterfall attracts visitors by its multiple layers and high drop height.

Beautiful as Nyingchi's water, mountains here are considered to be holy and mysterious. Situated in the southeast of Nyingchi County and the northern side of the Yarlung Tsangpo River, the Mount Benri used to be regarded as a holy mountain by the original religion of Tibet; while the Mount Sejila, lying to the east of Nyingchi County, boasts of the colorful azaleas on the mountain. And the Namjagbarwa Peak, is one of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Mountains in China, ranked by China National Geoegraphy Magazine.

The complex and unique geographic and climate conditions provide Tibet a museum of wildlife. Rare and unique plants and animals exist only in this area on the earth. If visitors want to learn more about the local vegetation cover, they may choose to go to the Cibagou Natural Reserve or the Lulang Forest. However, Nyingchi also has its human landscapes. Going to the Bujiu Lamasery, Daze Temple, Paga Temple and the Xiuba Ancient Castle will let visitors learn something about the history of the Tibetan Buddhism.

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