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Spokesmen of Chinese Kungfu and their movies

In China, there are many Kung fu masters and action movie stars. The most famous must be Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Lee, renowned Kung fu stars both at home and abroad. They are the spokesmen of Chinese Kung Fu. People can really marvel at and admire the charm of Chinese martial arts from their marvellous works.

Bruce Lee, regarded as the 'King of Kungfu', stirred a sensation in US from 1960s to 1970s, changing Chinese image in America where "the Chinese were stereotyped as meek house servants and railroad workers". His steely sinew redeem Chinese image. But it’s regretful that he lived a transient life of 32 years and died in 1973. His death was a loss to Chinese people and Kungfu movies.

In his transient life, Bruce Lee made great contribution to the development of Chinese Kungfu movies. The representative work must be: The Big Boss(Also known as Fists of Fury in the United States), FIST OF FURY(known as The Chinese Connection in the United States), Way Of The Dragon, Enter the Dragon, Game Of Death.

A good news for the fans of Bruce Lee is that a TV series “The Legend of Bruce Lee” will be staged in 2008. Based on the life of Bruce Lee, the TV series will reveal many untold stories about the superstar for the first time.

Jackie Chan is noted for his outstanding kungfu skills in the film industry at home and abroad. He has his own acting style, combining comedy and action, as well as solid martial arts skills while acting. The following list may be the movies that show off the best he has offered.

Drunken Master--- an early example of the comedic kung fu style for which he became famous
Rush Hour--- the pair of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker makes for a perfect comedy, The film was successful, becoming the 7th top grossing film of 1998, with a gross of over $140 million dollars at the U.S. box office.
The Fearless Hyena--- This film was Jackie Chan's first as director.
Armour of God AKA Operation Condor 2--- the film nearly killed Jackie while acting.
The Young Master--- the first film Jackie Chan worked on for Golden Harvest
Wheels On Meals--- the famous trio of Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung.
Police Story--- the first of a series featuring Chan as a Hong Kong police detective named "Kevin" Chan Ka-Kui.
Supercop AKA Police Story 3--- This film also stars Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh.
Rumble In The Bronx--- brought Chan into the American mainstream.
Mr. Nice Guy--- a film that has more of the comedy styling of Jackie Chan.

Jet Li, is also a brilliant Kung fu star, has successfully developed many Kungfu figures in a number of blockbusters. His acting skills are no doubt world-class. Jet Li has so many successful Kungfu movies, maybe the following list can offer you a greater appreciation of all things Jet Li.

The Shaolin Temple
Fist of Legend
My Father is a Hero
---also known as The Enforcer
Once Upon a Time in China--- Where he plays Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung.
The Legend of the Swordsmen II
The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk

Black Mask
The Tai Chi Master
Lethal Weapon 4

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